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Disposable Phone Numbers to Access Netflix

Finally deciding to join Netflix – or perhaps joining – but loathe to enter your personal number? Look no further! AnonymSMS has got you covered. With a totally free service (no catches!), you can register with Netflix on any number from our website and receive your verification code online, all without having to enter your own personal digits. Try today!

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Top Numbers to Receive SMS from Netflix

Number N of SMS Country Date publish
+31630602388 2766 Netherlands 2024-07-07 06:50:53
+447741182569 887 United Kingdom 2024-07-18 10:52:36
+34613394215 6493 Spain 2024-06-27 13:31:13
+16468796732 5791 United States 2024-07-16 11:42:38
+995577208993 1578 Georgia 2024-07-06 10:08:40
+447765439929 8822 United Kingdom 2024-07-06 20:57:15

Why Use A Disposable Phone Number to Access Netflix?

If you’ve read any other information on our website, you’ll probably be aware by now about the benefits of using a disposable phone number in place of your own. Perhaps it’s why you’re here in the first place. Whatever the reason, using a disposable number to access services like Netflix can only be a benefit for you. This is because, using your own number to sign up to pretty much anything online can result in your number being stored and used for marketing and sales proposes, which means unwanted calls and texts. They will probably also share it with their partners and even third parties. You’ll also perhaps be aware that your digital activity can be tracked by using your mobile number to sign up to them, meaning your privacy and anonymity will be lessened. Using our numbers to access Netflix greatly reduces this risk!

Free Numbers to Access Netflix 

Not only can you access disposable numbers to access Netflix, you can also do so without having to pay a thing! With no catches or free-trial tricks, you can choose to use any number on our site for absolutely free. This means no card or bank details at all. A lot of other disposable number websites or services may offer a free trial or have a subscription-only service, meaning you’ll inevitably have to spend money if you want to use their services without restrictions. AnonymSMS will never do this, and prides itself on its entirely free, user-friendly service, wherever you are.

Do I Need To Register?

We think it would be pretty illogical to use another service to register on, just because you were trying to avoid registering with your personal number on Netflix in the first place. It’s for this reason that we ask for NO registration details at all! You can simply go on to our website, choose your country-code and number and you’re ready to go. This means no email address, number, name – nothing. You can maintain 100% of your privacy and anonymity when you use our service.

Why Is A Phone Number Required to Access Netflix?

Like all other online services around nowadays, you’ll need to provide a number if you want to register for their service. This is claimed to be so they can send you a verification code via SMS, but really, this is also so they can keep your number to try to advertise more services to you. You can avoid this by using a disposable phone number to access Netflix or any other service you may want to sign up to. Without entering the verification code that they send, you will be unable to complete your registration or access their services.

Is It Easy To Access New Numbers?

Due to both the popularity of our service, and the fact that when numbers receive a certain amount of SMSs, they can face burnout; we ensure that new numbers are added on a daily basis. This gives our website users easy access to fresh new numbers whenever they need them, all of which will receive your SMS Netflix verification within seconds! Any numbers that start to see higher numbers of SMS messages received will be made inactive, meaning you’ll never have any delays using our service. 

Can I Choose The Country The SMS Is Sent To?

AnonymSMS has numbers from across the world for you to choose from. The UK, the US, Georgia or Ukraine. Whether you’re in these countries or not, you are able to receive your SMS to the country-code of your choosing. This helps if you want to be able to access a country-specific service such as Netflix. 

Is It Safe To Use Disposable Phone Numbers to Access Netflix?

Using one of our disposable numbers is really no different to using your own personal one! That’s because all of the numbers on AnonymSMS are connected to real sim cards, meaning no suspicion or rule breaking. All Netflix needs to do is send you a verification SMS, which can easily be done using one of the numbers on the website. 


🔷 Min time to receive SMS 9 seconds
🔷 Price of received SMS $0
🔷 New numbers added Every week
🔷 Max SMS number 27632