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Receive SMS Online In United States

With AnonymSMS, you can receive SMS online in the United States for free, whenever you need to. With absolutely no need to register or pay anything, and whether you are in the US yourself or not, you can receive SMS to a US number easily, simply by choosing the number you want to use and waiting for your SMS to appear online within seconds.

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What numbers are available in United States

Number N of SMS Country Date publish
+19179577548 60 United States 2022-09-09 16:26:03
+19292904128 0 United States 2022-09-05 20:24:31

How Can I Receive SMS Online In United States?

If you need to receive an SMS to a US number (regardless of whether you are there or not – more on this later), for verification purposes or something else, AnonymSMS offers an entirely free service 24 hours a day! Simply go on AnonymSMS’s website, select a US number, and use it to input into whatever service you are needing to receive an SMS from. After a few seconds, the message will appear on the screen of the website. So the steps are as follows:

  • Go onto AnonymSMS on your mobile device, tablet or laptop
  • Select the US number section
  • Choose the specific number you want to use, checking it’s active
  • Input this number into the field that is asking you for your number
  • Refresh the page to access your SMS message

These steps make it simple, fast and easy to receive SMS online in United States!


What Can I Receive SMS Online In United States For?

You can receive SMS online in United States for whatever reason you need to. Having said that, a lot of people use this service for two main reasons:



Many websites, apps and services require you to enter a verification code in order to use their services. This normally comes along with the proverbial ‘are you a robot?’ message. While we’re sure that robots using apps isn’t too popular(!), you will still need to enter a code, sent by SMS, to prove you are who you say you are. 


One-Time Passwords (OTP)

If you’ve found yourself locked out of one of your digital accounts, haven’t logged in for a while or perhaps you’re trying to access a service that requires a code every time you access it, you’ll no doubt be requested to input a one-time password (OTP). OTPs are generally sent via SMS message and if you’re reluctant to put in your personal mobile or cell number each time, you can use AnonymSMS to receive SMS online in the United States and access a OTP on our site instead. 


Is It Free To Receive SMS Online In United States?

Not only is AnonymSMS’s service super easy and user-friendly, it’s also totally free to use – there’s no need to pay a penny! All you’ll need to do is go on to the website, click onto the US number section and select the number you want to use – then you’re good to go! Nothing else to do, pay, nor any need to register. 


Is It Important To Select A Number From A Specific Country?

This is a question that a lot of people get confused about, so we will break it down as best we can. There are some country-specific services – see examples below – that only allow people who are based in that country to register and use their services. In order to get around this, you should try to register with a number that is based in said country. So, in this case, you will need an American number in order to gain access. After which, you’ll receive either a one-time password or a verification code which will allow you to sign up. Examples of such services include, but are not limited to:

  • US Netflix 
  • US Amazon
  • US Ebay
  • US mail services
  • Other US streaming services 


What Are The Benefits Of Receiving An SMS Online?

There are a lot of benefits if you receive SMS online in United States! Firstly, it offers you a sense of choice. There are new US numbers added daily to AnonymSMS, meaning you’ll always have a fresh new number to choose from in case others become overused. 


Secondly, it hugely increases your safety and security online. Think of it this way, every single digital account you create is normally connected to your own personal number. This means that your activity is easily traceable. Break this chain by using a new number to receive SMS online in United States. Along the same lines, your number will often be used for sales and marketing purposes. So as soon as you input your personal number, there’s a high chance it will be sold on to third parties who may bombard you with calls and messages about products and services you are not interested in. 


How Often Are New US Numbers Added?

Due to the fact that some numbers can become overused due to the amount of services people need to receive SMS online for verification, these numbers are temporarily made inactive and new numbers are added. This means that regardless of when you go on to AnonymSMS to receive SMS online in the United States, there’ll most likely be a new number for you to use. Just double check when you click on a number that it is active, and you’re good to go! Use it for any and all SMS you need to receive in the United States – even if you’re not there.

🔷 Min time to receive SMS from 2 seconds
🔷 Price of received SMS $0
🔷 New numbers added 2 times a week
🔷 Max SMS number 120350