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+12129458297 United States

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Frequently Asked Questions

We publish all our newly published numbers on our Telegram and Twitter.

Telegram – https://t.me/anonymsms
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Not at all, the service is perfectly safe and secure. 

Yes, just pick the number you want to use and you’ll receive the verification code needed.

Again, yes. You’ll be able to open a Viber account on the country-code of your choice.

Yes, you’ll be able to open a WhatsApp account on the country-code of your choice.

Yes, you are able to receive any type of SMS message. 

Sure, you are able to reuse an active number as many times as you’d like.

Numbers become inactive after some time, and only if they become overused. This is to ensure the efficiency of the SMS service.

New numbers are added to AnonymSMS on a daily basis.

Yes you can.

AnonymSMS is extremely user-friendly. Simply choose the number you want and input it as if it were your own and wait for the SMS to appear on screen.

No, you’re free to receive SMS online on AnonymSMS as many times as you wish. 

The numbers listed on this site are standard numbers, and do not appear any differently because they are listed on our site. 

Currently, you’re only able to receive SMS messages on AnonymSMS, not send.

Unfortunately not. You are only able to receive SMS online. 

Yes. You’ll be able to use any of the numbers displayed on our site from anywhere in the world, regardless of which country-code you use.

You won’t be able to delete the messages yourself as they are public, but they will be deleted automatically after some time. 

Again, it is entirely safe as you will be the only person with the rest of the details needed to gain access to the service you are requesting. 

It is totally safe to use AnonymSMS for verification, no different to using your own number.

Absolutely. There are no time restrictions with our access, access it 24/7.

Yes, the service is entirely free to use to receive SMS.