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Temporary Mobile Number With 501 – 1,500 SMS Received

Here you will find all of our numbers which has surpassed 501 of total messages received and never have surpassed more than 1,500 messages. With no need to register and nothing to pay, you can receive SMS online within a matter of seconds.

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What does mean 501-1,500 Messages

With AnonymSMS, you are able to use a number from a country of your choosing and use it to receive SMS online for free! It costs absolutely nothing to use our service, with no catches and no need to register whatsoever. What’s more, the number you receive your SMS on will have between 500-1,500 SMS messages received, meaning there will be no delays when it comes to waiting for your message. A lot of other services make you pay to receive SMS online, but AnonymSMS is totally free and always will be.

No Need To Register

Not only is our service 100% free, we will also not require any details at all in order for you to use our service. No email address, no name, no number – nothing. This is because we truly believe in a safe, secure and anonymous service to receive SMS online, and won’t chuck any nasty surprises on at the end. 


Numbers Have 501 – 1500 Messages Received For Optimal Service

Unlike a lot of other SMS online services that overload their numbers with high numbers of SMS messages, AnonymSMS has a wide variety of numbers that have 501 – 1500 messages received, resulting in quicker SMS receiving times. With us, you’ll never have to wait for more than a minute in order to receive your SMS message, and when numbers receive 1500 messages, they are made inactive to avoid delays, with new numbers then added.


How Often Are New Numbers Added To The Site?

New numbers are added to AnonymSMS on a daily basis. This means that if you to use our site on a daily basis to receive SMS online, you’d be able to use a new number each and every time. This means that numbers do not become burnt out – you can also find filtration on the right hand side and choose number which has less than 200 sms messages received, 201 – 500 messages etc. Most other SMS services do not add new numbers this frequently, and even charge for such a service. With AnonymSMS, you can access new numbers on a daily basis, all for free.


What Can I Receive SMS Online For?

To put it simply, you can receive SMS online for literally anything you may receive a message for on your phone. So if you want to use it to receive an SMS from a friend, you can. Saying that, the most popular reason to receive SMS online is for both SMS verification and one-time passwords (OTP). 


SMS Verification

SMS verification is required when you sign up to new apps or online services such as social media or new email accounts. This is to add an extra layer of authenticity when you create a new account. Yet, by using your personal number for this, you are compromising on your own security, which we will talk about below.  SMS verification comes in the form of a number or code which you will then need to input into the service you are trying to sign up for in order to complete your account registration.


One-Time Passwords

OTPs are used when you may have forgotten your password or just need one-time access to a site, app or service. They are sent by SMS and contain a combination of unique numbers and codes. Again, using your personal number for this doesn’t assure your privacy, so many choose to use AnonymSMS to receive their OTP online.


How Does Using A Temp Number With 500-1500 SMSs Increase My Privacy?

Firstly, using a temporary number to receive your SMS online increases your privacy two-fold. This is because, as soon as you enter your personal number online, it will be stored on a database and you will be contacted randomly for sales and marketing purposes, a huge annoyance for most people. Also, using your personal number means it creates a link between all of your other digital accounts, hugely compromising your privacy and anonymity. Using AnonymSMS’s temporary numbers to receive SMS online means that you will no longer have to worry about this, as it maintains 100% of both your privacy and anonymity online. 

Secondly, using a temporary number with 500-1500 SMS messages received means that your SMS message will not get lost due to too many messages being received, as per some of our competitors. As mentioned, as soon as a number hits 1500 messages, it will be made inactive and new numbers will be added. 


🔷 Min time to receive SMS 22 seconds
🔷 Price of received SMS $0
🔷 New numbers added 4 times a week
🔷 Max SMS number 46658